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Boyle Paralegal Services has been helping its clients win cases since 2009.

We represent corporate and business clients, as well as individual clients in a wide array of matters including contract disputes, wrongful dismissal, collections, landlord and tenant disputes, and regulatory matters in Ontario.

Your choice of legal representation is critical in defining strategy and in winning results for your legal challenge.

Boyle Paralegal Services is ready to help you with small claims (below $35,000), with advocacy before agencies, boards, commissions such as Landlord and Tenant Board, and with provincial (traffic offences) and regulatory offences (fire code infractions, etc).

How We Serve You

Boyle Paralegal Services’ commitment to excellence and good value is central to its strong work ethic. Our services are cost effective for clients and provide the best value for clients’ legal dollars.

One-on-one interaction is essential to the way business is conducted. From the minute you sign on with Boyle Paralegal Services, its commitment resonates in every service provided. We will take the time you need to explain options, strategy and significant developments. Process and pricing at Boyle Paralegal Services is transparent and communication is timely and open.

Our Expertise

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Small Claims

Boyle Paralegal Services will provide effective representation with all matters in Ontario Small Claims Court and provide a full range of services from drafting documents through to enforcing judgements. Examples include contract and tort claims, wrongful dismissal, return of property, collections, insurance disputes.

Traffic Tickets and Other Provincial Offences and Regulatory Offences

Boyle Paralegal Services will represent you before the Ontario Court of Justice defending you in Provincial Offences Act related offences under a variety of provincial statutes including Ontario's:

  • Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, Liquor License Act,
  • Environmental Protection Act;
  • Dog Owner’s Liability Act,
  • Fire Protection and Prevention Act,

Landlord and Tenant Board and other Tribunals

Boyle Paralegal Services will represent you before most of the tribunals that have been established by the provincial and federal governments. The following are examples of some tribunals:

  • Landlord and Tenant Board, and
  • License Appeal Tribunal.

Minor Criminal Offences

Boyle Paralegal Services can represent you before the Ontario Court of Justice if you are charged with a minor criminal offence. Examples of this type of offence include:

  • Causing a disturbance; harrassing phone calls.
  • Theft under $5,000.
  • Assault and mischief to private property.

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